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Hello June…

We have had some really glorious weather in May which I have enjoyed. I have been out walking mainly with a sprinkling of running though not much. MAY May has been a turbulent month mentally. I have had some very good days and some really bad days. Though there is no point dwelling on what… Continue reading Hello June…

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Health & Well Being Sunday #6

Half of the year has now almost passed us by. What extreme weather we have had in the UK during 2018. The first four months saw snow, May has seen sporadic heat waves, followed by really cool days and last night and today we have had some spectacular lightning storms. Honestly the storms lasted about… Continue reading Health & Well Being Sunday #6

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Hello May…

May is here... and hopefully the April showers (downpours) will bring forth May Flowers. Due to the weather April felt very cold and dark with the exception of a few days where we had an unexpected heatwave. APRIL During April I participated in the A to Z April Challenge. To be honest it was not… Continue reading Hello May…

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Health & Well Being Sunday #5

I know I say something similar at the beginning of each of these posts but April has flown by. UPDATE... About Me  April started off well. I was doing the plank challenge and light exercise due to some pain in my legs. Last week though I was woken in the early hours of Tuesday morning… Continue reading Health & Well Being Sunday #5

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Hello April…

We are now well into 2018, a quarter of the year has now passed us by. I have been ill for most of it which is really annoying and if I haven't been ill then the weather has been bad. We have had so much snow this year and it has been so cold. Hopefully… Continue reading Hello April…

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Health & Well Being Sunday #4

A quarter of the year has almost past us by and it has not been the best quarter of the year. During January and February I was ill with horrible virus's. March has been virus free more or less but I have had other issues. Besides that there has been snow. UPDATE... About Me  As… Continue reading Health & Well Being Sunday #4

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Book List #2018

Every so often I like to make a plan of books I want to read for the year. I had planned on posting this earlier in the year but as I have mentioned in previous posts illness took over.  Anyway better late than never I suppose... My READING GOAL for 2018 is to read 20… Continue reading Book List #2018