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101 List Progress #4

This update is focused on the Travel part of my 101 List. One of my favourite things to do at the moment is travelling... I have very itchy feet but no money to satisfy the craving. Travel  (28) Travel to 3 different continents – this is a long shot 1. USA 2. Europe(Italy) & France… Continue reading 101 List Progress #4

101 Things in 1001 Days, 2017, Holiday

101 List Quick Update #Item59

Just a quick update concerning the 101 Things in 1001 Days List. I have completed an item at last and here is a photo to prove it. #59 - Fill the Photo Frame in My Bedroom – September 2017 I brought this about 4 years ago and since then it has been hanging on my wall… Continue reading 101 List Quick Update #Item59

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Roming in Rome #TBT

This is my last post on Travel for Throwback Thursday. Due to my lack of time tonight this is just a very quick post. Please forgive me for my haste and I hope you enjoy these few photos. Above is the Outside of the Colosseum and below is the view from inside. We went early… Continue reading Roming in Rome #TBT

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Vesuvius Day #TBT

Today is Vesuvius Day and as this happens to fall on #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) I decided to tie it in with my trip to Naples and Pompeii. Why is today Vesuvius Day?  Today in the Year 79 AD a supposedly dormant volcano in southern Italy erupts. The Volcano Vesuvius completely devastates the prosperous towns… Continue reading Vesuvius Day #TBT

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Florida Memories 2 #ThrowBackThursday

ISLANDS OF ADVENTURE   Following on from last weeks post here is a quick throwback to our time at Universal Studios - Islands of Adventure. Personally I enjoyed the Islands of Adventure more than the Universal Studios. This may just have been due to the amount of Marvel Characters that were wandering around. My daughters… Continue reading Florida Memories 2 #ThrowBackThursday

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Seven Modern Day Wonders

I have added something else to my Bucket List. It is travel related but as it covers a number of countries I have just left it on the actual Bucket List page. Now I have always been aware of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. There are only one of these still in existence… Continue reading Seven Modern Day Wonders

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Florida Memories #ThrowBackThursday

Ever since I was old enough to be aware of the wonder that was Orlando in Florida, I made it my mission to get there one day. Last year I fulfilled that dream.  So, here is a quick memory from last year. Myself and my daughter spent 22 days in Orlando spending the majority of… Continue reading Florida Memories #ThrowBackThursday