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Deep in the 100 Acre Wood…

...where Christopher Robin played. You will find the enchanted neighbourhood of Christopher's childhood days.  H A P P Y   W I N N I E   T H E    P O O H   D A Y  Today is Winnie the Pooh day so called because the creator of the little rotund bear, A.A Milne was… Continue reading Deep in the 100 Acre Wood…

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How To Train Your Dragon #BookReview

Today is Appreciate a Dragon Day. A day to Appreciate Dragons began in 2004 and was part of a book launch for a book called Dragon Spell (I have never read it). I enjoy the fact that we have a day to Appreciate Dragons. The word Dragon actually comes from a Greek Word that means… Continue reading How To Train Your Dragon #BookReview

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Plans, Plans, Plans

I have been playing around with a few things this past week which is why the Blog has been a bit quiet. Also, as I have pledge to post at least once a week this is my fill in post as I need to get a post in. I have been working on my Bullet… Continue reading Plans, Plans, Plans

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Health & Well Being Sunday 2018 #1

During the last part of 2017 I decided not to do any of these Health and Well Being Posts as they were getting very samey. Instead I decided to do a bit of research into how I could make these posts a little more interesting. I swiftly came to the conclusion that the key to… Continue reading Health & Well Being Sunday 2018 #1

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Hello 2018…

It is true... time waits for no man (or woman) and it really doesn't seem like that long ago since I was typing 2017's post for the year. I am not completely sure where 2017 went? I was hoping to have completed this post earlier today, however time got away from me, so I am… Continue reading Hello 2018…

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101 List Progress Update #1

Well, blogging hasn't really happened this week, I have just been so tired I couldn't face switching on the laptop. On that theme this will be quite a brief update and also because I have not completed anything from the first section  of my 101 List, which is.... Self – Improvement Learn French – properly… Continue reading 101 List Progress Update #1