About Me

Lucy 2016



My name is Lucy but my friends call me Lu… or at least they would if I had any friends.

I’m currently in my late 30’s and heading towards 40 at a rather alarming pace. I am a single mother of an only daughter who is heading into adulthood, soon I will be a mother of an adult!! And, I live in my parents garage in the deepest darkest part of the England.

I have many interests…. I enjoy books, reading and writing. Movies (any except horror). I love all things Disney. I am also a big fan of Fairy Tales in general. I am a bit of a Geek anything to do with Doctor Who, Superheros, Star Trek etc… takes my interest. I am also quite creative. I enjoy drawing, painting etc… just making things in general. I also like making miniatures and dolls.

My word for 2017 – Create

Due to this I hope to add more of my creative side to this blog. Adding more of my drawings and makes.

Anything else you need or want to know just ask.

Thank you for reading…