#AtoZChallenge, 2018

Y is for…

My theme for the A to Z April Challenge for 2018 is “Me and My Blog”



… all my troubles seemed so far away!

It is amazing how quick time passes, before you know it tomorrow is today, today is yesterday and a whole week has past. I always believe I have more hours in the day than I actually have. Things I often plan to do one day, I end up doing the next. I am not sure if I am being overly ambitious or if I just spend a lot of time procrastinating.

Procrastination is something I am working on. I quite often find myself on Pinterest with the intention of looking for a recipe or a tutorial. Before I know it, 3 hours have passed by and I have been distracted by photo’s of Chris Pine or Stationery.  Anyway this is the reason why nothing is getting done. To combat this I am now limiting my time on all electronic devices so I accomplish things. I don’t want to look back on the year and I have accomplished nothing.

In other news… YESTERDAY I mentioned I was going to see Avengers : Infinity War which I did. I know it has only been out a few days but if you are a fan on the Marvel-verse you need to see this movie before the spoilers come out. There were quite a few surprises in it.

I hope you join me tomorrow for Health and Well Being Sunday. Also, Monday is last day of the A to Z challenge, the letter Z…











2 thoughts on “Y is for…”

  1. Sounds like a smart plan to limit your time on devices. I always imagine I have more time in the day as well. But I’m willing to believe someone is pushing the clock ahead and turning calendar pages while I’m busy. 🙂

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