#AtoZChallenge, 2018, Crafts

S is for…

My theme for the A to Z April Challenge for 2018 is “Me and My Blog”

S L E E P I N G   B E A U T Y ‘ S


This is a project I have been planning and messing around with for many years. It has only been the past 12 months or so that I have been actually working on it (not continuously, just when I have time).

The Gatehouse Kit

The project consists of two 1/12 scale dolls house kits, the one I am using for the tower was called The Gatehouse but it has been discontinued now (pictured above). The second one was a cottage kit that I am using for a base.

I have been planning this project for so long that I really need to get it finished. At the moment every Saturday I have been working on the base. During May I have to have some up to date work in progress photo’s to share with you. Below are a few photo’s I took a while ago just to give you an idea of what I am talking about.

Slepping BT Base

Above is the base

I don’t want to tell you any of my plans but I really hope it all turns out how I plan.

I hope to see you on Monday for the Letter T…







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