L is for…

My theme for the A to Z April Challenge for 2018 is “Me and My Blog”

L I S T S 

I enjoy making lists. I make lists of everything … I even have a list of lists that I am going to list below. Not all of them as the post would be long.

These are the lists that have or will appear on my blog at some point.

  • Bucket List
  • Wander List
  • 101 One Things in 1001 Days
  • 40 Things to do Before 40
  • Things to do in 2018 (or whatever the current year is)
  • Books to Read
  • Books I want to Read
  • Favourite Books
  • Movies I want to Watch
  • Movies seen
  • Favourite Movies
  • TV Shows Watched
  • Favourite TV Shows
  • Likes / Dislikes
  • Things to Do
  • Things to See

I could add more lists but a list of lists can be a pretty boring read if you do not like lists.

Join me tomorrow for the letter M…


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