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H is for…

My theme for the A to Z April Challenge for 2018 is “Me and My Blog”

H E A L T H   &   W E L L   B E I N G

The last Sunday of every month on Lulu By’s Place is Health & Well Being Sunday. This post used to be called “Weight Loss Sunday” but as the weight was not being lost, I changed the name.

I have being trying to lose weight for ages and no matter what I do the weight is staying put. So, I have set myself a goal. My goal is to drop 2 dress sizes by August. At the moment I am currently participating in the Plank Challenge and I am increasing my activity. One of my plans was to go out running but I have a few problems with my left knee. Due to this I am restricting myself to walking, yoga/Pilate and other core strengthening work.

More important to me than losing weight is getting fit. Suffering with rheumatoid arthritis makes it a little harder to do this. Especially as when the weather is cold or wet my whole body aches. After walking home in bad weather I have been unable to move properly for about an hour.  This is why stretching is so important. On the Arthritis Research UK website it provides exercises to help you manage the pain. Though it takes a while to work.

As well as weight loss, fitness and diet, I am also interested in Mental Well Being. I have suffered with Mental Health problems due to varying circumstances in my life and also chronic illness, plays a part in this.

One of the things that helps me with my own Well Being is setting myself goals and making plans. Having something to look forward to or aim towards helps a lot.

I am so sorry I did not add any photo’s to today’s post. I will try and make tomorrows a bit more visual.

So, that is my H post, tomorrow is the letter I… I hope to see you then xx


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