#AtoZChallenge, 2018, Disney

D is for…

My theme for the A to Z April Challenge for 2018 is “Me and My Blog”

D I S N E Y 

Disney is one of my favourite things. I cannot do a series posts about “Me and My Blog” without mentioning Disney.

Week 1

Last year my theme for the A – Z Challenge was Disney Sidekicks. I drew all 26 characters for the challenge, it was great fun. I competed them on art cards so they were not huge works of art. Above is my first seven, I was really pleased with how Dopey turned out.


In 2016 I managed to save up enough money for myself and my daughter to stay at Disney World for 2 weeks. It was such a fantastic experience to spend 14 days in the Disney bubble. So, much so every day since leaving I have been trying to figure to a way I can get back there.

My Favourite Disney Movie : 

Is Beauty and the Beast, the classic version though I am also a fan of the new live action movie, especially the soundtrack. My main ringtone is – How can a moment live forever.


At Disney World one of the highlights of the visit was eating at the Be Our Guest Restaurant. Our table was in the main ballroom which looks exactly like it does in the movie. Every so often Beast would walk through on his way to or from having photo’s with the guests.


We had the grey stuff… and it was delicious. The one thing I really enjoyed about Disney World and also Disneyland Paris is the amount of detail, sometimes tiny details they add into things.


As well as meeting Beast and having my photo with him. I also have a Beast Plushy who lives at the bottom of my bed. I have a few other Beauty and the Beast items around my bedroom. I have a lovely make-up bag, which is gold and features Belle, a Mrs Potts and Chip purse which I use for stationery and a cup with a rose in (like the enchanted rose). As you can see in the photo below.


I have actually got quite a lot of Disney stuff… so I am unable to share it all.  This year I intend to add a Minnie Mouse to the collection as she got her star this year on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I hope you join me tomorrow for the Letter E…


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