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C is for…

My theme for the A to Z April Challenge for 2018 is “Me and My Blog”


I like to view myself as quite a creative person. I enjoy creating things, whether it is with words or through art and craft work. Quite often though I find more pleasure in the creative process than I do the finished product.

Journal Page

Throughout my life I have always had a journal of some sort and every now and then I will get the urge to do something a bit random. ^Like the photo above^ I was playing around with different fonts. Typography has always fascinated me. It amazes me how many different ways you can make one letter look.  I think that is why I was drawn to Bullet Journals as I had been doing something very similar for at least the past 20 years.

Eagle painting 1

I also enjoy painting. Above is an eagle I painted last December. This was really just a quick painting sketch as I painted about 12 different pictured of eagles. It was part of a gift package I put together for some elderly people that can no longer attend my church.


Above is a sketch of a tree. One of my favourite illustrators in Alan Lee, he is best known for illustrating The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and also working on the concept art for the movies. I love the way he draws his trees and I have tried to imitate that in my drawing above.


Besides drawing and painting I also like to keep to a writers notebook. Last year I went through all my old my notebooks and adding everything I wanted to keep into the book pictured above. I keep any information I find useful in there along with any ideas I may have for stories. Not that I get much time to write at the moment but it is there for the future. Quite often I come up with ideas when I am out walking.

As well as all the above I also enjoy 3d work and lean towards making things slightly more these days. I enjoy creating miniature worlds and I have a few projects on the go at the moment. Usually most of what I create is 1:12 scaled but lately I have been drawn to the 1:48 scale. I am hoping to completed a 1:48 scale project soon but have a few other things to finish first.


This is my Dragon Cote. I created this a few years ago and plan on using it in a project I am trying to complete at the moment. The dragon is very tiny and below is a closer image of the dragon.


I cannot share everything I have attempted to do as the post would be far to long. I hope you have enjoyed looking at a few of the things I have created.

Please join me tomorrow for the Letter D….


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