#AtoZChallenge, 2018, Blog

B is for…

My theme for the A to Z April Challenge for 2018 is “Me and My Blog”

B Y  P L A C E

A By-Place is defined as a Private or retired place, an odd corner or an out of the way place.

By-Place is not a word one hears very often which is why I chose it as part of my Blogs name. This may sound a little weird but when I was trying to visualise my blog and what I wanted it to be. In my mind I imagined it as a secret den. The kind you make when you are a child, hidden at the bottom of the garden in a forgotten shed, in a cupboard under the stairs or maybe in a blanket fort under the bed or behind the sofa.

Blanket Fort interior found on Google

In my mind, I lean slightly more towards a tree house, hidden among the branches. So, high that it is almost in the clouds. When I look down all I can see is the canopy of the trees and sky surrounds me.

The interior is a little like a blanket fort, all cosy and soft. Comfy chairs, plump cushions and fleecy blankets. It’s the place I hide from the everything and do what I want to do. There is a pile of books in the corner, drawings and photo’s crowd the walls, notebooks half started  litter the surfaces and of course a good supply of stationery. Everything I want or need is in this place.

My blog name should read Lulu’s By-Place but due to the name already being in use I suppose or maybe there was restrictions, I don’t remember. I had to adapt it too Lulu By’s Place.  I don’t mind because Luluby’s sounds a little like Lullaby and I think it gives it a dreamy feel.

I hope you like my blog name? I do. I hope to see you tomorrow for the Letter C…


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