2018, Plans

Hello April…

We are now well into 2018, a quarter of the year has now passed us by. I have been ill for most of it which is really annoying and if I haven’t been ill then the weather has been bad. We have had so much snow this year and it has been so cold. Hopefully the warmer weather is on its way soon, though there is not much evidence of that at the moment.


Above is a photo of a daffodil struggling in the snow a couple of weeks ago. I had to take the obligatory snow photo. It is not snowing at the moment, hopefully that was the last of the snow.


A to Z Challenge


April promises to be a fairly busy month for me. First of all I have signed up for A to Z April Challenge. My theme for this year is “Me and My Blog”. I had planned on a really creative A to Z challenge but due to illness etc… I ran out of planning time.  I am hoping the theme I have chosen will be successful. I have most of the letters sorted, I am though really struggling with the letter “A” and that post is tomorrow.


I am starting a few things that are on my 101 List in April. This is due to the fact that on the 11th I will only have 365 days left. Crazy isn’t it? Where has all that time gone? So, I really need to get a move on to complete a least a few items on the list. Beginning in April…

365 Days of Happiness 

Tomorrow I also begin the 365 Days of Happiness Challenge. I have to write something down everyday that has made me happy for a year. I have planned my pages in my Bullet Journal. I am debating whether or not to share on here but it could be a bit boring.


The Plank Challenge 

Plank Chall

I will also be starting this tomorrow. I was hoping to complete The Plank Challenge in March but it just was not meant to be. I am doing quite an easy 30 Day Challenge this time and I hope to repeat this again in a couple of months with a harder challenge.

So, above are a few of my plans… I realised part way through this post that if I carry on I will give away all my plans for the A – Z Challenge posts. Oops!!

I hope you all have a good April and I hope you join me for the A – Z Challenge.


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