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#FridayFive Post 7 Week 13

I almost forgot to write this post once again. I need to put a reminder on my phone… It’s really annoying because I like doing these posts.

Practicing Gratitude helps to inspire a more positive attitude and will hopefully make us a little happier.

Below is this weeks #FridayFive :

  1. I am grateful that my daughter has had an unconditional offer for University. It means that now we all know what we are going to be doing instead of being in limbo till August.
  2. I am grateful the clocks have gone forward. Even though I lost an hours sleep… unforgivable… but summer is on the way.
  3. I am grateful that at the beginning of the week we had a couple of days of nice weather. It makes everything seem so much better. Just a shame that the Bank Holiday Weekend is going to be gloomy.
  4. I am grateful because today is a Bank Holiday and I did not have to go into work. Yesterday work was horrible. I am fed up of being witness to bad things all the time. Hearing things I don’t want to know and seeing things I don’t want to see. It has however made me more determined to leave.
  5. I am grateful for the time I have had today working on my Sleeping Beauty’s Tower project. I love spending time on my own, making and creating. I am so pleased I found some time to do this.

So, that is my #FridayFive

What are you grateful for this week?



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