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Hello March

Well… Hello March…!!

It does not feel at all March like at the moment. If you live in the UK then you are well aware of the “Beast from the East” and “Storm Emma”. There is snow on the ground and it very, very cold.

This is just a quick post because due to the first two months of the year being blighted by illness, I have a lot to catch up on during March.

Quote for March 

businesswoman with a note-book in a cafe drinking coffee


A – Z Challenge 

April is A -Z Challenge month (The A to Z April Challenge) so this month I will be focusing on getting prepared. I have my theme more or less sorted.  I look forward to taking part in this Blog Challenge and this will be my second year participating on this blog.

Theme Reveal Day is Monday 19 March 2018.  Look out for my Blog post on this day…

If you want to learn more about the A to Z April Challenge <<Click here>> to go to the official website.

This is a very quick “Hello March”…

I hope you continue to enjoy my Blog. Lu x


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