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Hello February…

One month down and another 11 to go… I hope I have a better February than I do January. I felt under the weather for most of January before the virus or whatever it was finally struck. Besides the illness though, January was not all together unproductive. I have begun planning and a little preliminary work on a few projects. Concerning some future plans that I have been toying with I have also made specific progress in this area too so, at the moment I feel as though life is a little clearer.

Quote for February 

My word for the year is Focus. 

I will be applying the word Focus to all aspects of my life. I need more Focus and this quote is very apt. I am always complaining that I have no time anymore, however it is more likely that I do not make the best use of my time.

February Quote.jpg

Blog Plans 

I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts that I have been making plans for my blog. I like having themes so I have a few themed months planned. I also like having certain days for specific posts.

Below is my themes for the days of the week… Now I am not guarantying that I will be using these post themes every week but they will be a tool I will be using to motivate my blogging.  You will know when these posts appear as they will be #hash-tagged and they have there on feature image… fancy!!


businesswoman with a note-book in a cafe drinking coffeeMondays are funny things aren’t they? Love them or Hate them, Monday will be Movie Monday. This will encompass any movie reviews as well as news or any other sort of movie themed post. #MovieMonday



businesswoman with a note-book in a cafe drinking coffeeAs you know I like books and reading so Tuesdays will be the day I post book reviews, to read lists and any other bookish thing I can think of or find. #TuesdaysLit




businesswoman with a note-book in a cafe drinking coffeeThis is an idea I found somewhere on Pinterest. I have no idea where I saw it or who came up with the idea but I like it. Wednesday is “Wordless Wednesday”. This means there will just be photo’s on this post. #WordlessWednesday



businesswoman with a note-book in a cafe drinking coffeeInspired by the Big Bang theory… Anything Can Happen Thursday… is well… Anything can happen Thursday. A day where anything can happen or be posted. I have no idea how this is going to go yet. #ACHT



businesswoman with a note-book in a cafe drinking coffee

This should be or will be the only post I do every week. I will be participating in Friday Five which is something I found through Milly’s Guide Blog. The idea behind the theme is to post five things that I am grateful for over the week. It is supposed to help with Well Being and promotes gratitude.

The Weekend 

Weekend Blogging has no specific planned posts. This is due to when I have my themed months. I will try to incorporate the theme with the post themes for the other days of the week however the weekends will be a random free for all. Anything that tickles my fancy will be posted on this day.


Nothing yet!!


businesswoman with a note-book in a cafe drinking coffee

The Last Sunday of every month will be Health and Well Being Sunday. If you are familiar with my blog, you will be aware that I am trying to lose weight and get fit. This post will be all about my struggles and how I am trying to conquer them.


Sharing the Love 

I discovered this weekend that there are blog shares taking place on Twitter. The one specifically I picked up on thanks to Milly’s Guide is #SundayBlogShare.  I took part this week and shared my friend Chloe’s last post. I do enjoy participating in things such as Blog Hops, Shares and Parties, and as yet have not hosted any of my own. I have been looking for another annual Blogging thing to participate in besides the A – Z April Challenge. If anyone out there hosts one or knows of any please let me know.

I hope you like this months hello post… x


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