2018, Blog, Plans, Update

Plans, Plans, Plans

I have been playing around with a few things this past week which is why the Blog has been a bit quiet. Also, as I have pledge to post at least once a week this is my fill in post as I need to get a post in.

I have been working on my Bullet Journal which I will share some photo’s of in the future. I have also started a sketch book of planned work. This is due to sorting out my craft stuff and I have a lot of projects lined up. As I mentioned in my post “Hello 2018” my word for the year is FOCUS. This means I have to be organised in all aspects of my life and this includes blogging.

During 2017 I had certain months where I had themes. I enjoy having monthly themes as this gives me something to focus my blogging on rather than just random posts.  Last year I downloaded a calendar and just plotted out my themes, posts etc… that way. This year I have a notebook. All my ideas are going in this at the moment.

A Year at a Glance (so far) 

January – Plotting, planning and general waffling month.

February –

March –

April – The A – Z April Challenge. I actually have a theme all prepared I am so happy.

May –

June – Jurassic June – This month it will be all things dinosaur.

July –

August –

September – Scrumdiddlyumptious September – Last year this was Roald Dahl Month so I thought I would continue along a similar theme this year but only focusing on the wonders of the Chocolate Factory, confectionery and pure imagination.

October – I will have 6 Months left on my 101 List this month so there will be an update this month. This may also be Stranger Things Month.

November – I plan to participate in NaNoWriMo this month. Blogging I know will be sparse.

December – Regency Month (needs a better name) – Following on from Jane Austen Month in 2017. I thought it would be nice to develop on it.

Of course, the months will also have there fair share of reviews, updates, thoughts and general pondering’s.


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