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Hello 2018…

It is true… time waits for no man (or woman) and it really doesn’t seem like that long ago since I was typing 2017’s post for the year. I am not completely sure where 2017 went? I was hoping to have completed this post earlier today, however time got away from me, so I am sorry for the lateness of this post.

As usual I am making no resolutions just a list of achievable (hopefully) goals and things to do for the year that is 2018.

Word for 2018 – “FOCUS”

There were so many words I could have chosen for this year, so many things that I want to do. That in the end the word that I needed became obvious – Focus. I am really easily distracted, I move from one idea to the next at quite a rapid pace. This year I am going to tackle one thing at a time and make it count.

Monthly Quotes 

Last year I had an inspirational quote for every month featuring my word for the year, this year will be the same.

January’s quote: 


I thought this quote was appropriate for January as I find it a dark month. It is cold and dark outside which puts a strain on me both physically and mentally. If I could just hibernate during the winter months I would be so much happy.

Aims for the year  

I try to set myself some tasks to complete during the year and I have decided to do 8 Main things for the year which I intend to complete. These 8 Things include items off my 101 List,

8 Things for 2018 

Read 20 Books I have started low. I do actually hope to read more but we will see what happens.

Lose Weight This is a yearly goal and so far has not happened. This year though I am determined to down-dress-size.

Run 5k – I am hoping this will work alongside the whole losing weight thing.

Keep my Bullet Journal for a Year This is on my 101 List but I am determined to do it this year.

Go at least 4 times to the Cinema – I have fallen out of love with the cinema a bit, so I need to motivate myself to go.

Go to the Beach – not been to the beach for years.

Go to Bath – Not been and have always wanted to go.

Complete Sleeping Beauty’s Tower project – I have had this project going on for a few years. This year is going to be the year I complete it.

Blog Plans for the Year

Firstly there will be no name changes this year or at any other time in the future. I really do like the name lulu-bys-place.

I only have a few draft ideas for my blog at the moment. I do intend to do the A – Z April Challenge once again and also Austen month in December. I am considering a couple of Movie themed months and maybe a hobby month, but nothing definite yet.

101 Things in 1001 Days List will also be a bigger feature this year as I have about 15 months to complete and so much to do. I also have to think of what I want in my 40 Things Before 40 List to be.

Health and Well Being Sunday is returning on Sunday 7 January 2018.  I have not figured out whether they will be monthly or fortnightly yet. I suppose it depends on how much I have to say.

I also intend to have more book, movie and TV themed posts – whether they are reviews, recommendations, thoughts, opinions, to watch or to read lists etc…

Arts, Crafts and Writing may also feature a bit more prominently this year. I am just hoping I find dome time to do some.

Lets hope 2018 is a good one… and lets hope I actually manage to do something amazing.

Toodles Lu x


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