2017, Jane Austen, Jane Austen Month

Austen On-Line

It may surprise many who are not completely devoted to Jane Austen but the great lady has quite a big on-line fan base.

Unfortunately I don’t get a lot of time now to spend on the many sites devoted to Jane or her work but in the past they have provided me with some great entertainment. Many of sites have forums which you can go on and discuss things with like-minded individuals. They also highlight new books or TV adaptations that are being released as well as movies. Also of course any new information involving the lovely Jane herself.

Below are a few of my favourite websites:

The Republic of Pemberley –  This was the first Austen devoted website I ever found probably about 15 years ago. Over that time I have seen it evolve into something great. So, great in fact it has been mentioned in the #AustenAddicts books.

Mollands – Is named after the sweet shop in Persuasion which in fact was an actual sweet shop in Bath at the time of Austen. There are some lovely e-cards on there that you can send to fellow fans.

Laughing with Lizzie – This is a beautiful blog that focuses on Austen and writing.

Jane Austen Magazine – Lots of articles on regency England and links to other websites.

Jane Austen Centre – The Jane Austen Centre in Bath has a great website. Completely devoted to all things Austen.


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