2017, Jane Austen, Jane Austen Month

Welcome to Jane Austen Month

While we wallow in the depths of winter what could cheer us more than dwelling on the works of Jane Austen and all who are inspired by her.  I have nominated December as Jane Austen month on my blog due to the 16th December being Jane Austen Day.

NPG 3630; Jane Austen by Cassandra Austen

2017 marked 200 years since the death of this inspirational authoress yet during her lifetime her work was barely acknowledged. A lot of Jane Austen’s enduring appeal is due to her witty and colourful portrayal of her characters. Jane Austen’s ability to capture the often un-necessary and often laughable traits of her era woven together by romance has created a lasting legacy.

During this month I will be creating a variety of posts featuring modern day versions of Jane Austen’s novels. I have mentioned it a few times but I really do enjoy reading spin-offs of Jane Austen’s work. I cannot be the only one as there have also been a few movies made over the past few years. There will be reviews of books and movies, actors and actresses who have portrayed Jane Austen’s characters in movies or on TV, my favourite Austen Hero and hopefully some art inspired by Miss Austen.

I hope you enjoy this month on my blog… I have looked forward doing this.


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