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101 List – Midway point…

All the updates have been leading up to this midway posts. If you have been following along you will know I still have a long way to go and only 500 days left…

Here are the statistics so far…

Completed : 16/101 

In Progress : 27/101 

Waiting to Start:  58 

Out of those 58 there are 3 things yet to add (2018 and 2019 tasks), at least 1 thing I need to change and 5 things, I think that may never happen, so I might change these too.

As I have so many things waiting to start and not even in progress yet. I have put together a schedule of things I need to do each month. Lot’s of things to do and so little time.

My next planned 101 Update will be on the 11 April 2018 – 365 days (a year) till my time on the 101 list is up. I am hoping to have completed at least 50 things by then. I will still update every so often.

That is enough time chatting… I need to get back to my list x


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