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101 List Progress Update #5

I have combined Books & Reading and Writing & Blogging for two reasons. The first is that they link together nicely and secondly I am running out of time to complete all of my updates.

Books & Reading 

  1. (34) Read 60 Books 28/60  – I am a bit behind with my reading this year. I still have 5 books to read to meet my target. We have 5 weeks left. I think I can do it.
  2. (35) Read War and Peace – I am beginning this is January 2018 once I have finished the bible.
  3. (36) Re-read Jane Austen’s main 6 Novels – I am planning on reading these in one go. I am aiming for the summer.
  4. (37) Go to a Book Signing – I have been trying to get to the Angus Donald signings but I couldn’t get there. So, I am going to have to find another author.
  5. (38) Visit the Local Library 5 times  3/5 – Sadly the problem here is that when I am in town I run out of time. I will make some time though once the Christmas crowds have disappeared.
  6. (39) Try at Least 15 New Authors within Item 34 – 9/15 – I added this due to the fact I either read the same books over and over again or just find books by the same authors all the time. I am a creature of habit.
  7. (40) Donate all Old Books – I have done this. Every time I finish with a book I donate it either to someone else or the charity shop. I have only kept my Austen and the spin off’s.

Writing & Blogging 

  1. (41) Complete NaNoWriMo Again – This is planned for November 2018 (in fact that will be my last chance before the end of the 101 List.
  2. (42) Maintain my Blog by posting at least once a week – I have missed a couple of weeks, but I am doing a lot better than last year. 2018 I am aiming for every week.
  3. (43) Publish an E-book – I need to do some research into this again.
  4. (44) Complete the April A – Z Challenge again – April 2017 – I love this challenge which is why I enjoy taking part in it. I am planning on participating again during 2018.
  5. (45) Maintain my Writers notebook – I am maintaining this at least once a week. I am very please with myself. I chose a NU A4 Project Book and I am really enjoying using it. I have separate sections – Story Ideas, Characters, World Building and Writing Reference. It’s nice an thick so I can store plenty of things. Below are a couple of photos from my notebook. Obviously not from my story ideas.. but from the other sections.


Above are some notes I took about planing stories. I like to keep bits of information I stumble across.


I was looking at different modes of transportation and one animal that turned up was the elephant. So, I made few notes and added some pictures. I like adding pictures to my notebook it makes it more interesting to look through and aids with description.

Hope you enjoyed my update.


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