101 Things in 1001 Days, 2017, Update

101 List Progress Update #2

The Second Section Health and Fitness, I am addressing in my Health and Well Being Sunday posts so next is Fashion and Beauty.

At least I have completed on item in this Section…

Fashion & Beauty 

  1. (16) Create a capsule wardrobe – once lost weight  – as I mentioned this will be address when I hopefully loose weight. I have however got a sort of capsule wardrobe going on at the moment. 
  2. (17) Wear a Beautiful Dress for a Special Event – I really want to wear a beautiful dress one day. 
  3. (18) Buy a Naked Palate by Urban Decay or Too Faced Make-Up – October 2017 – I brought this while I was in Paris as it was cheaper in France.  I am so pleased with it… it’s so pretty!! IMG_0171 (Edited)
  4. (19) Have a Massage – I have never had a massage, the reason for this is that I do not like people, especially strangers touching me. 
  5. (20) Have a Spa Day – Would love to go to a Spa one day, however when and where is currently unknown. 
  6.  (21) Own a Gel Nail Kit – I really want one and intend to get one soon..

Once again another quick update…. Only 80 More items still to go!! lol!!


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