101 Things in 1001 Days, 2017, 2018, Update

101 List Progress Update #1

Well, blogging hasn’t really happened this week, I have just been so tired I couldn’t face switching on the laptop.

On that theme this will be quite a brief update and also because I have not completed anything from the first section  of my 101 List, which is….

Self – Improvement

  1. Learn French – properly this time!!! – I really want to  do this and I am progressing slowly. I have a couple of language apps I play with occasionally. Also when I went to Paris I spoke to someone in French and they thought I was French but I think they were being polite.. lol! My reading of French has improved just need to work on speaking and pronunciation.  
  2. Write an Ethical Will – I have wrote notes for this and I keep changing things. Hoping to have completed this by January. 
  3. Own a Car – This will probably never happen however it will remain a dream.
  4.  For 365 days write down something that makes me happy. – I did start this at the beginning of year but i was in such a bad place I gave up. Plan to start this again January 2018 – I will also be posting them on here to keep up the momentum.
  5. Conquer my fear of Swimming in Open Water – I am not sure how I am going to complete this one, we will have to wait and see. 
  6. Stargaze from somewhere other than my house – I want to go to one of the dark parks or something. I will have to find someone to take me. 
  7. Redecorate my Bedroom – Planned for September 2018 
  8. Keep a Bullet Journal for a Year – Going to restart this January 2018. I am so organised with this now. I have kept one sporadically throughout 2017 and I have brought my journal for 2018. I have began to plan my pages – so excited!! DSC00801Above is my bullet journal for January along with a few supplies. 

True to my word a very quick update… I hope you liked it.


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