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New Blog Name…

I feel a little sad to be saying goodbye to the “What Is Hoped For” name for my blog. However, as I have previously mentioned it was only meant to be a temporary name till I came up with something else. I was having so much fun that I forgot.

What Is Hoped For – was inspired from my favourite scripture Hebrews 11.1 “Faith is the assured expectation of what is hoped for…” I chose this name as I was having trouble thinking of a name.

Over a year later I still had not come up with a name.  SO, during September I have made it my mission to come up with a new name that I can live with for my blog. I was planning on doing a big announcement on Sunday, but I am going to be super busy on Sunday which is why I am doing this today.

My new blog name is – Lulu-by’s Place 

Lulu-by’s Place came about because I wanted a name which encompassed me in someway. My name is Lu or Lulu. I looked at words which began with my name and Lullaby just happened to be one of those words.

I did intend to to just leave it a Lulu-Bys however I discovered a word – Byplace. Byplace means private or retired place, a place where one can retire to read a book in private.

I hope you like my new name…



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