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Health & Well Being Sunday #7

Well, 4 weeks have past since my last Health & Well Being Post. They are supposed to be once every 2 weeks, however 2 weeks ago, I forgot! Oops!

Update: Still have inflammation of the lungs – thought it was better the other day but it came back! Waiting for it to go!!

Information: I am changing the name of this Blog on Sunday 1 October. I will announce the new name in a few days time but after the 27 September you want find the domain – what-is-hoped-for.com . If you enjoy my blog and don’t want to lose contact please follow me. Thank you 


One of the items on my 101 List is to organise a healthy lunch routine at work for at least 4 weeks. So far for the past 2 weeks I have remembered to bring my own lunch to work. It has including salad, falafel, cut fresh vegetables, fruit and humus. I have worked everything out so fat, salt and sugar is all minimal, with protein and fibre making up the overall percentage. The calories are also worked out – so it comes to about 200 / 250 calories. I am quite proud of myself.

Part of my lunch /snacks at work!

I have also been drinking more water and have resisted the urge to by coke-cola. My caffeine intake is still quite high but this is due to still not sleeping well. I am having 3 or 4 coffees in the morning at work instead of just 2. Then I just drink water in the afternoon.

Another thing I noticed about myself is that when I have not got access to chocolate or crisps for example I crave it. I don’t particularly need it but especially when I am tired I know my body is wanting that sugar high. So, 3 weeks ago I brought a chocolate bar (a chunky kit-kat) and put it in my locker at work.  I know it is there if I want it… and it is still there proving that I don’t really need it. I am wondering how long it is going to last?

Over the past 4 weeks I have lost roughly an inch around my belly, which is my main trouble area. I have not weighed myself so I have no idea if I have lost any weight!! I am happy with an inch for now.

Plans for the Next 2 Weeks 

  • Carry on with the healthy lunches.
  • Increase water, decrease caffine
  • Try to Drink Green Tea again!
  • Increase activity – despite Lung Inflammation, I really need to move more! I have been walking home with a couple of exceptions due to either work commitments or the weather.
  • Re-evaluate my Well Being – I have some plans which if they progress I will share in my next Health & Well Being Post!

I hope you enjoyed this quick update. See you in 2 weeks.



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