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I Bet You Think You Know This Story…

R E V O L T I N G   R H Y M E S

“I bet you think you know this story? You don’t the real one is much more gory. The phoney one, the one you know was cooked up years and years ago. Made to sound or soft and sappy, just to keep the children happy.”


That is the introduction to Roald Dahl’s version of Cinderella, as found in Revolting Rhymes. Or, at least that is how I remember it! I was about 10 years old when our class for an assembly performed this version of Cinderella and above is part of what I had to read out to the school – without it being written down or a prompt. It certainly stuck with me due to being first up I had to make sure I was right.

As much as I love the book with its various re-tellings of the fairy tales it contains. I was realy impressed with an animated version of the book shown on the BBC in December 2016.


The animation entwines all the tales that are within the book together and it is seamless in its execution.    The animation is based on Quentin’s Blakes original illustrations.  It also has some excellent vocal talents including Dominic West, David Walliams, Rob Brydon and Tamsin Greig.

The feature was shown in two parts with the main focus of the story being around Red Riding Hood and the wolf. The wolf in fact is relaying the stories to whoever will listen why he is in fact carrying out a plan of his own.

I really enjoyed this adaptation and feel as though it was a delightful retelling of some of my favourite tales.


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