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Unexpected Tales

I spent the best part of a year watching The Tales of the Unexpected. They are shown on the Sky Arts channel so I stuck it on series link and watched them through. I did not of course watch them everyday, just when I had some spare time.

When I mention The Tales of the Unexpected to people the first thing people will mention is the titles and nearly all will do their own impression of them. As they are a little hard to explain for those who have never seen them. Here they are below.

Once we get past the hand waving and wailing they will then go onto explain the episode that has stuck with them. Usually this episode is one that has disturbed them in someway. This I can relate too because the three episodes that have stayed within my memory are all ones that have disturbed in some way.

Tales of the Unexpected were first aired in 1979. Initially the episodes were introduced by Roald Dahl.  The first two seasons are mainly based on Roald Dahl’s stories and really are the best seasons out of the 9 which aired. The later seasons are also mainly set in the USA. They have a tendency to focus around murders and the majority of the time were not unexpected but fairly predictable.

Below are two episodes I enjoyed – if I can use that word. I am staying clear of the ones that disturbed me. However, I recommend you checking out at least the first two seasons of this series. All the ones I have chosen are written by Dahl.

Lamb to the Slaughter

Mary Marney, a devoted and pregnant housewife, is preparing dinner when her husband Patrick returns home from his job as a police detective.  He tells her that he is leaving her.  Moving almost on autopilot, Mary fetches a leg of lamb from the deep-freezer in the cellar to cook for their dinner.  Patrick says he doesn’t want dinner, as he is going out.  In a trance-like panic, she hits him on the head and kills him.  The police conclude that Patrick was killed with a large blunt object, but are baffled when the murder weapon cannot be found.  As they were all friends of Patrick, Mary begs them to stay and eat the lamb, which she has been roasting, while they discuss the case. (from Wilkepedia)

Genesis and Catastrophe 

n 1889, after having lost three children, an Austrian woman is concerned that her newborn baby boy is ill.  The doctor helps and urges the woman’s husband to be positive.  They decide to name the boy Adolphus.

I would also recommend reading the book of short stories this book is based on.


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