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Danny the Champion of the World #BookReview


T H E   C H A M P I O N

O F   T H E   W O R L D

Roald Dahl 


My Rating : 5/5

My Review : 

I have a vague memory of reading this book when I was a child however reading it as an adult especially a parent was a different experience.

Danny’s mother died when he was a baby leaving him in the sole care of his father. Danny thinks his father is most wonderful person in the world. They live together in a small caravan behind a petrol station. One night Danny wakes to discover his father missing. Unsure what to do Danny sits and waits eventually his father comes back home to the caravan. Danny eventually discovers that his father has been out poaching pheasants which also appears to be a family occupation. Together they decide to try and pull off the ultimate pheasant poaching plan to get revenge on the horrible Mr Hazell.

This story has a different feel to other Roald Dahl stories. It is not as whimsical as classic’s such as James and the Giant peach or Charlie and the Chocolate factory for example and overall has a more contemporary feel. One of the things I enjoyed most about this tale is the fact Danny’s father would tell Danny stories. One of the stories he told was about The BFG. When I was researching Dahl I noted that Danny the Champion of the World was published about 7 years before The BFG. Other Dahl books are also referenced in this book which is a nice touch. It ties the Dahl World together.

Some people maybe put off by the fact that it centres around poaching pheasants, stealing with a touch of revenge, however it is an interesting and entertaining read.

I did enjoy this story. I love the relationship between Danny and his father. Danny’s father encompasses everything that you feel a father should be. He shows an interest in Danny, he is protective yet he is still willing for Danny to have his own adventures.

Overall it is wonderful read and one I would recommend for any Dahl fan.



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