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Billy and the Minpins #RoaldDahl

26 years after the death of one of our most beloved authors Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake has illustrated Dahl’s last book to be published. I read about this project a few months back and have been really looking forward to seeing the illustrations. Today I saw some of the illustrations for the first time.

Quentin Blake Minpins

It just feels right to have Quentin Blake illustrating one of Roald Dahl’s books. Originally the book was released with illustrations from Patrick Benson in 1991, just a few months after Roald Dahl’s death as The Minpins.

I love Patrick Benson’s illustrations, though I have never read The Minpin’s, I have seen a lot of Benson’s other work. I love book illustrations and I prioritise Art Exhibitions that feature them so I have seen some of his original pieces of work. I have not got any photo’s however so I have been on Google to find an example of his work of the Minpins.

Patrick Benson Minpins

Above is a one of Patrick Benson’s Minpin’s illustrations. It is so beautiful. I love the way his illustrations feel unworldly, I get lost in them. Below is an example of work from both illustrators for The Minpins or Billy and the Minpins as it is now known.


As you can see both illustrations are fantastic. However if  you were unaware it was the same book and I was to ask you which is the Roald Dahl book? Even if the illustrators names weren’t present. You would automatically choose Quentin Blake’s illustration. Quentin Blake is just synonymous with Roald Dahl.

The Minpins (Billy and the Minpins) is the least known of Roald Dahls works. I am hoping to get a copy of this little gem soon.


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