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Esio Trot

E S I O   T R O T 

Roald Dahl 


Rating : 5/5

The Blurb : Mr Hoppy is in love with Mrs Silver. But she only has eyes for Alfie, her pet tortoise. How can Mr Hoppy ever compete with such a rival? He comes up with a plan to win his lady’s love, but will he succeed? What’s to become of Alfie?

My Review : 

Mr Hopper is a very shy, retired gentleman who has two great loves in his life, his plants and Mrs Silver, a lovely lady who lives in the apartment below him. All Mr Hopper desires is for Mrs Silver to return his love however all Mrs Silvers is showered on her pet tortoise, Alfie.


Mrs Silver is overly concerned with her pet tortoise and has a little house for her pet on her balcony. One day she expresses to Mr Hopper that she would like Alfie to grow a little bigger. Mr Hopper sees an opportunity and gives Mrs Silver a piece of paper with a spell on it that makes Tortoises grow bigger.   Mr Hopper however then makes the tortoise grabber and buys a number of tortoises of various sizes. Will Mr Hoppers plan work? Can he really make Mrs Silver fall for his charms by means of ancient Tortoise Spell?

This was one of the last books to be published in Roald Dahl’s lifetime. It is a lovely gentle little tale and a very easy read. It is a delightful story suitable for readers of all ages, however if you are expecting it to be like Roald Dalhs previous stories involving revolting relatives or marvellous magical events you will be a little disappointed.


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