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Mr Twits Beard

September is Roald Dahl Month on this Blog and will feature a variety of Roald Dahl themed posts. Today’s post in honour of World Beard Day will feature one of Roald Dahls most grotesque characters who just happens to have the most terrible beard – Mr Twit.

I stumbled across The Twits when I was about 9 years old. My mother had actually brought the book for my brother to try and encourage him to read more. It didn’t work and I read the book instead. In fact it is thanks to that book that I won the quiz on World Book Day when I was 10 years old.

Mr Twit

Mr Twit is a wicked man with hair all over his face. He mistakenly believed that his facial hair makes him appear wise however it is hard and spikey. Due to the fact he never washes his beard holds a variety of food that has dropped into it.


There is so much food in Mr Twits beard that it has inspired various pieces of art work and also a recipe – which I won’t be doing. However, I am going to do a drawing of Mr Twit. I am going to base the beard on the description below and I am going to try to make it very different to Quentin Blakes wonderful illustrations.

Mr Twit didn’t even bother to open his mouth wide when he ate. As a
result (and because he never washed) there were always hundreds of bits
of old breakfasts and lunches and suppers sticking to the hairs around
his face. They weren’t big bits, mind you, because he used to wipe those
off with the back of his hand or on his sleeve while he was eating. But if
you looked closely (not that you’d ever want to) you would see tiny little
specks of dried-up scrambled eggs stuck to the hairs, and spinach and
tomato ketchup and fish fingers and minced chicken livers and all the
other disgusting things Mr Twit liked to eat. If you looked closer still (hold
your noses, ladies and gentlemen), if you peered deep into the moustachy
bristles sticking out over his upper lip, you would probably see much
larger objects that had escaped the wipe of his hand, things that had been
there for months and months, like a piece of maggoty green cheese or a
mouldy old cornflake or even the slimy tail of a tinned sardine. Because of
all this, Mr Twit never went really hungry. By sticking out his tongue and
curling it sideways to explore the hairy jungle around his mouth, he was
always able to find a tasty morsel here and there to nibble on.

Due to the description above of Mr Twits Beard – I have never been a huge fan of men with beards. I image them all behaving like Mr Twit.


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