2017, Holiday, Travel

Roming in Rome #TBT

This is my last post on Travel for Throwback Thursday. Due to my lack of time tonight this is just a very quick post. Please forgive me for my haste and I hope you enjoy these few photos.


Above is the Outside of the Colosseum and below is the view from inside.


We went early to the Colosseum which avoided the huge queues but there were still a lot of tourists there.


This is view of the bridge over the Tiber that most people walk across to get to Vatican City.


The view down to the Vatican. Can you see all the people that were there. Even the skip the queue line was nearly 60 minutes long. We did not go in due to the crowds but we were not too bothered. On another occasion I would like to see the ceilings in St Peters.


This is a huge monument which the citizens of Rome refer to as the Ugly Palace. It has a glass viewing platform on the top which you can just see in this photo.


While in Rome we saw a lot of ancient artefacts and huge mosaic’s, however the mosaic above was my favourite. It is of Pluto and can be found on the floor of the Disney Store in Rome. I love the fact Disney themed their store for Rome.

As I mentioned, just a few quick photo’s of my week in Rome. I have plenty more that I could share.

Tomorrow sees the being of Roald Dahl Month on my blog and the count down to the new name reveal. Hope you have all had a good week.


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