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Health & Well Being Sunday #6

In my last Health and Well Being post you may remember I mentioned being in a lot of pain with my chest. Sadly it is no better. The following Monday after my last H&W#5 post I went to the Doctors who prescribed more painkillers and told me that what I have could last for months. AS you can imagine I am not very happy. On a positive note though the Doctor did say that I will just wake up one day and it will be gone, so hopefully the Doctor is right.

Due to the lack of activity over the past 6 to 8 weeks there has been some weight gain. My trousers are getting a little tight again.

Pooh Bear gif.gif

I really wish I was more like Pooh Bear in the gif above however I don’t want to be short and fat… I am really quite concerned about being stuck in a hole.


At the moment I am really tempted by cakes, chocolate and ice cream which is unlike me as I generally have a more savoury palette.  I have mentioned before that since going to Florida I have become a little addicted to Coke. I have knocked this on the head though treating myself maybe once a week to a little bottle.

I know what I need to do obviously I need to not eat the bad stuff and move more, but I can’t move as much as I want at the moment and I really want a caramel doughnut. Though more than the caramel doughnut I want to be able to look in the mirror and be proud of what I see.



At the end of October my daughter and I are going to Disney Land Paris which is 8 weeks away. Now I have put on about 7lb I think since the last time I weighed myself so my goal is to lose that and a little more by the time we go to Disney.


As I cannot go running at the moment I know by the time I start again my stamina is going to be really low. I need to build it up again so I am going to try and do as much walking as possible. I know I have to work within my limits of having this lung infection but I also need to lose weight.

Food Diary

From tomorrow I am going to be keeping a food diary again so I can work out how many calories, grams of fat, sugar etc… I am eating over the next seven days. My weekly food intake does not really change that much over the week.  This will help me see where my weakness lies.

Along with the food diary I will be taking my measurements again – around my waist etc… Keeping a log of what I drink and also exercise. Then a week on Monday the change will begin.

Mental Health 


I admit that due to not being well and suffering a lack of sleep due to this my Mental Health has not been great over the past few weeks. I have been so tired all the time that I have just had no energy and I cannot really be bothered to do anything. This is why I know I need to get out more and do more exercise.

To Do List 


  • Create Food Diary
  • Measurements
  • Visit the scales


  • Drink more water
  • Try and have a green tea
  • Walk, walk,walk…
  • Healthy – prepared lunch (no quick sandwiches)

Till next time… time to get serious!!!



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