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The Death of Robin Hood #BookReview

T H E   D E A T H   O F   R O B I N   H O O D 

(T H E   O U T L A W   C H R O N I C L E S #8)

Angus Donald 



My Rating : 5/5

The Blurb :

‘I charge you, Sir Alan Dale, with administering my death. At the end of the game, I would rather die by your hand than any other’

England rebels

War rages across the land. In the wake of Magna Carta, King John’s treachery is revealed and the barons rise against him once more. Fighting with them is the Earl of Locksley – the former outlaw Robin Hood – and his right-hand man Sir Alan Dale.

France invades

When the French enter the fray, with the cruel White Count leading the charge, Robin and Alan must decide where their loyalties lie: with those who would destroy the king and seize his realm or with the beloved land of their birth.

A hero lives for ever

Fate is inexorable and Death waits for us all. Or does it? Can Robin Hood pull off his greatest ever trick and cheat the Grim Reaper one last time just as England needs him most?

My Review : 

I am so sad that I have come to the end of The Outlaw Chronicles. It is one of the best historical series that I have come across.  It is beautifully written and the pacing through out is remarkable.  Angus Donald has done a remarkable job in bringing the legend of Robin Hood to life.

There is of course a huge spoiler in the title of this book. The novel does indeed chronicle the final days of Robin Hood and his very reduced band of “merry” men. Those who have followed the series, such as myself knew this day was coming. I just wish I had been more prepared.

As with all the books in this series the tale is told through Sir Alan a Dale who became one of Robins men when he was a boy. Alan is old now, his strength is failing and but his memories of his Lord, the Earl of Locksley still burn brightly.  The elderly Alan now resident in a Monastery is now dictating his tales to the Abbot who is as enthralled with Alan’s tales of  loyalty, tragedy, battles, blood, intrigue and overtly friendship, as we all are.

During the course of this book the loyalties of all involved are challenged. Robin is calculated and as cunning as ever, causing those who are close to him to question his motives. Alan though, as ever, remains by his Lord’s side.

I was dreading the ending. I did not want to say goodbye just yet to these wonderful characters. The ending inevitably caused me to become misty eyed. It was wonderfully heartbreaking.

Hero’s Fall Legends Live Forever

Angus Donald has made a fictional tale feel very real.

A legendary tale that will indeed life forever.


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