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Tribute To The King

Today marks the 40th Anniversary since Elvis Presley commonly known as The King passed away. During his lifetime Elvis is credited with inspiring a whole generation of young people with his music, yet his influence did not pass away with him. Since his death Elvis is still influencing music, fashion and even art but why is The King still so popular ?

Elvis 68

Sadly Elvis died before I was born so I never had the opportunity to see The King of Rock and Roll perform live. However, I have watched a number of his movies and concerts that were filmed while he was alive. My favourite though has to be the 1968 Comeback Special. It is not just due to the leather outfit. I really do feel as though Elvis was at his best that night. I am also slightly amused by how his hair sort of has a mind of its own during the course of the evening.

I brought my mother the DVD of the Comeback Special probably about 15 years ago. Though we have rarely watched it because it is usually on the TV somewhere over the course of the year and we end up watching it on the TV.  Above is a video I found on YouTube of Elvis singing during the Comeback Special I chose this one due to the hair.

Elvis gif.gif

My favourite Elvis song is Suspicious Minds but everyone knows how that goes so I am not including that in this post. Instead I have included an Elvis Song called “It’s Midnight”. It is one of Elvis’s last singles it was released in 1975 and the version I have included was recorded in 1974 in Las Vegas. I could rattle on about Elvis, his legacy, his music but instead I am going to share a memory.

The reason I chose this song is because 12 years ago I lost a very dear friend in death. She was a huge Elvis fan. When she was younger she used to drag her brother to the cinema to see Elvis’s latest movies and in return she used to watch whatever her brother chose. This backfired slightly when her brother took her to see the movie Papillon and she fainted during one of the scenes.

She was full of fun and would often regale me with tales of her exploits in her younger days. My greatest memory of her though was her love for Elvis. She was crazy about the King and believed him to be the best looking guy to have ever walked the face of the earth. I don’t disagree, young Elvis is indeed a very handsome chappy. Sadly she passed away after battling cancer but before her death she chose the song “It’s Midnight” to be played at her funeral.  So please take the time to listen to it as a tribute to Elvis and also someone who I knew to be one of his greatest fans.


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