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Everyone has an opinion on everything these days and I am no different. It has been over a week now since the BBC announced that the 13th Doctor was to be Jodie Whittaker.

I loved the way they made the announcement. It has to be the only time where I was wishing the Wimbledon Final would hurry up and end. The anticipation around the world was immense. You should have read some of the tweets on Twitter.

13 Dr Who

Initially I wasn’t to sure about Jodie being Doctor 13, however this was not due to her being female. I was expecting a female Doctor since they introduced us to Missy (The Master in female form). I am just unfamiliar with Jodie’s work. Even though I have seen her in a few things I never took much notice of her. This however is probably a good thing because if she had been a truly terrible actress I would have remembered her.

Personally I think the Doctor now being female is an exciting prospect. The whole dynamic of the show will change. Both Jodie and the writers now have the opportunity to do something completely unique. The next series will hopefully be something to look forward too.

I also think it is great that little girls everywhere now have the opportunity to own the TARDIS key without having to be an assistant.

Doctor Who is one of my all time favourite shows. One of my biggest dreams, of course, would be to appear in an episode of Doctor Who, even if it was just walking in the background somewhere. I would just love to be on the set. I doubt very much if it would ever happen but it is always good to dream.

So, if you could be anyone in Doctor Who, who would you be?

Below are three female characters from the reboot in 2005, who I would have loved to have been.

Donna NobleDonna Noble (Catherine Tate) was an assistant to the 10th Doctor, David Tennant. After appearing in a Christmas Special entitled The Runaway Bride in December 2006.  In April 2008, she found The Doctor again in the first episode of Series 4 “Partners in Crime”.  I loved Donna, she was my favourite assistant of the reboot, for two reasons. 1. She did not fall in love the Doctor. Rose Tyler’s and Martha Jones’s infatuation with The Doctor did my head in. The fact that Donna Noble found the whole idea of fancying The Doctor as being disgusting was a welcome change. I really enjoyed watching Donna’s reaction to things and I was a little broken when The Doctor had to make her forget everything. The Doctor Donna could have been so good. I would love for Donna to return in someway to Doctor Who – Maybe her child could one day travel in the TARDIS. That would be cute! (Oh… Oh… I have an idea for Christmas Special)

Alex KingstonRiver Song aka Melody Pond (Alex Kingston) first appeared in “Silence in the Library” (series 4), a two part episode which lead to what appeared to be her demise in ” Forest of the Dead”.

Only there was more to River Song than any of us believed to be possible. Eventually we discover that not only is she the daughter of The Doctors married companions Rory and Amy Pond, she also transpires to a child of the TARDIS and The Doctor’s wife. Not that I would want to be married to The Doctor, I just loved the fact she was an archaeologist in space. Also, I love her hair… so curly!! River is also a strong character that was not afraid to show her vulnerable side. As much as I enjoyed River and all her exploits I was a little relieved when her time on the show came to an end. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.

Hey Missy“Missy”, The Mistress aka The Master (Michelle Gomez) first made an appearance in Series 8. To be completely honest she saved the series for me. I was getting more than a little bored  with Clara. I was not completely against Clara as an assistant I just found her very samey. Missy however swept into series and I immediately loved her character. Okay, she was more than just a little bit crazy but her character development has been a joy to watch. Also her hair – initially it was neat and well groomed but as the series’s have gone on it has got crazier… I love it! I really hope we have not seen the last of Missy.

So they were my three picks after much deliberation all female but all great. Who would you be?



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