2017, Plans

Dreams, Wishes & Goals – What’s the difference?

Most people or maybe it is just me..;? We clump these three words, Dreams, Wishes and Goals together usually under the heading – Goals.  My Blog theme for over June and July is Dreams. While I was thinking of posts for over the next few weeks I realised that I cannot write just about my Dreams without including my Wishes and Goals. The three things tie together nicely however it is important that we distinguish the difference between them.


The idea of a Wish List is to capture things you desire or want to do but are not actively pursuing. We often wish we can do things that we know are out of our control. So, these can often be things that may always be beyond our reach.


A Dream is often our ultimate destination. Dreams can appear huge and unreachable at first glance but are achievable. Most of the time we refer to Dreams as Long-Term Goals.


Often a series of targets we use to reach our Dreams.

The best way to measure these targets is to use the SMART GOAL system. SMART is an acronym which stands for Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic/Relevant and Time specific.

The biggest difference between Dreams and Goals is often that – Dreams are what we are thinking about and Goals are what we are acting on.

Throughout June and July I will be creating lists and plans to try and turn my dreams into realities by using goals.


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