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Health & Well Being Sunday #1

At the end of every month I used to complete a post call Slimming Sunday, which mainly chronicled my lack of weight loss progress. The last few months though I began to encompass other things, like how I was feeling, other issues etc… So Slimming Sunday has now evolved into Health & Wellbeing Sunday.  I will now post this twice a month instead of once and I am hoping it will motivate me a bit more into making better progress not just with weight loss but with life in general.

What’s New…. 

In all honesty not a lot. I have not had a lot of sleep due to the warm weather. Though my iron levels are slightly up.. which is good. Unfortunately today I am in pain with my mouth once again.  The filling/crown that I had fixed a few weeks ago is coming loose and the left side of my face really hurts right now.

I am currently watching the One Love Manchester Concert so I have been quite distracted while writing this post this is also the reason why it is late. Probably the reason why the post is not making a lot sense as well.


The reason I don’t end up doing a lot of things I intend is due to lack of time. Is it lack of time or lack of time management? I am such a procrastinator when it comes to doing stuff for me. I also get addicted to silly games like Cookie Jam. I cannot remember exactly what level I’m on but it is somewhere in the 1900’s just to prove how much I play that one game.

So the goals for the next two weeks… till the next post

  1. Is to create a list of all the things I want I to complete this year and set out a schedule.
  2. Not play on the games so much – limit it to maybe 30 minutes a day or less
  3. Go Running… I have been a few times need to try for twice a week.
  4. Revisit my Health and Fitness Journal.

Quite an easy list to start with…. to be honest finding it hard to concentrate what with the concert and the pain in my face. I really need to get to the dentist tomorrow.

I hope the next post will be pain free…




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