#AtoZChallenge, 2017, Disney

V is for…

V I O L E T   P A R R

Violet Parr

Violet is the eldest child and only daughter of Bob and Helen Parr or as they are better known Mr Incredible and Elastigirl.  Violet appears with her parents and her two brothers, Dash and Jack-Jack in the animated super-hero caper The Incredibles.

When Violet is first introduced in the movie she has a few self esteem issues. She is shy, withdrawn and socially awkward. She prefers to hide behind her long hair. (The picture I have drawn is how I imagine her profile picture to look on social media.) Her personality appears to be reflected in her super powers. Violet has the power to turn herself invisible at will and also create a force field. Once she discovers her super powers and becomes part of the Incredibles Team, Violet’s confidence grows.

I suppose you could relate this to real life, once you know what your super power is, that thing your good at, your confidence grows. You become less of a shrinking violet and come out in full bloom.

If I could have one super power I would choose invisibility, though sometimes I believe I already have it.

I hope you like today’s drawing, see you tomorrow for W…




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