#AtoZChallenge, 2017, Disney

U is for…


Uku Lava

I love the Lava short by Pixar. I think it has to be my favourite one out of all the shorts. I love the concept, the song and animation. The story is told completely by song.

I know technically Uku is the main character in the story but the short – Lava was a supporting feature for Inside Out.

A long, long time ago… Uku is a lonely volcano who watches all the wildlife around him find mates over many, many years.  To combat his loneliness Uku sings a song of hope that one day he will find someone to “Lava”.

Little does Uku know but another volcano under the ocean is listening to his song. The other volcano – Lele, rises to the surface just as Uku becomes extinct. I have to admit I nearly cried. I watched this at the cinema before Inside Out. I cannot express to you how upset I would have been if this story did not have a happy ending.

If you haven’t seen it. Hopefully you can watch it below.

Hope you like today’s post. See you tomorrow for V…



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