#AtoZChallenge, 2017, Disney

T is for…

 T I N Y   T H E   T – R E X

Tiny 2

Tiny is a Tyrannosaurus Rex who appears in Meet The Robinson’s. Tiny was briefly under the control of the Bowler Hat guy’s, Mini Doris but then he became a pet to the Robinsons.

“I have a big head and little arms. I’m just not sure how well this plan was thought through.”

Tiny may be one of the biggest reptiles on the planet but once he is not under the control of Mini Doris, he behaves like a puppy.

I decided to show you the picture I copied to get Tiny. It is not exactly the same I’m having a bit of trouble concentrating due to my mouth. I still have a hole where the crown was and it is getting sorer every day.

Tiny 1

I hope you like my picture today. See you tomorrow for U …



2 thoughts on “T is for…”

  1. Oh I’m sorry to hear about your tooth troubles. 😦 I hope it can be fixed quickly! Tiny, on the other hand, has some lovely chompers 😀 …do people outside of the UK call teeth “chompers”? (I say a lot of things that confuse my husband daily lol!)

    And we’re in the final week of the challenge! Woo! *high five*

    Here’s my “T” post 🙂 http://nataliewestgate.com/2017/04/trapped-secret-diary-of-a-serial-killer

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