#AtoZChallenge, 2017, Disney

N is for…


Nana 1

I think Nana is such a pretty dog, I love her long eyelashes. Nana is a Saint Bernard who is the Nursemaid to the Darling children in Peter Pan.

Nana is a very caring dog and cherishes the Darling children so much she treats them like her own pups. Nana is quite a clever dog too, she knows her ABC’s. When Nana tidies the Nursery she is not happy till the bricks are in the right order.

One of the best scenes with Nana is when the Darling children are on their maiden flight to Neverland. Michael sprinkles some fairy dust on the concerned dog. Nana however is held back from following them by her leash and you see her wave the children goodbye.

I hope you like today’s post. See you tomorrow for O…




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