#AtoZChallenge, 2017, Disney

M is for…



“We are the Muses! Goddess’s of the Arts and proclaimers of Hero’s.”

The animated adventure of Hercules introduces the Muses as Narrators who tell the tales of Ancient  Greece in gospel choir style.

In Ancient Greece there were nine Muses but only five of them appear in Hercules.

Calliope (in the Middle) she is the tallest of the five and is the Muse of Epic Poetry.

Clio – (left of Calliope) the Muse of History.

Thalia – (far left -and plump) the Muse of Comedy, she also plays the trumpet and is known to cause mischief.

Terpsicore – (far right – struggled with her as she nearly ended up looking like Groot) – the Muse of Dance

Melpomene – (right of Calliope) the Muse of Tragedy.

The Muses are used to tell the story of Hercules throughout the movie. Their first song is the Gospel Truth which tells the tale of how Zeus defeated the Titans. The next is Zero to Hero which gives details of how popular Hercules has become and their last song a Star is Born is when Hercules is declared a true hero.


My favourite song which they feature in “I won’t say (I’m in Love)”.  Megara takes the lead in the song and the Muses appear in various forms as her backing singers. Manifesting as statues, engravings and busts.

So, that is my last drawing for the week. Below are all the drawings together on my wall.

Week 2

You may have noticed but Ed has been painted.  They look quite good on the wall altogether, though a little wonky.

Hope you are enjoying my posts.

See you on Monday for the letter N…



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