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L is for…



I could not do a Disney challenge and not have a character from my favourite Disney Movie, Beauty and The Beast. This is actually my second drawing of Lumiere as I cannot find my first drawing. I took a photo of the first drawing which I will add to the bottom of this post.

Lumiere (which is french for “Light) is a man who is transformed into a candelabra when The Enchantress cursed “Beast’s” castle.

Lumiere is vivacious and suave, he is also slightly rebellious when it comes to serving Beast. He welcomes Belle to the castle and is very pleased to see her.  He is also instrumental  in helping Belle and Beast fall in love. Giving Beast advice on how to declare his love to Belle.

“You don’t have time to be timid… You must be bold, daring.” – Lumiere

Lumiere has a big song and dance number in the movie with the song, Be Our Guest.

In the song Human Again Mrs Pott’s describes Lumiere’s human character as causing husbands to be alarmed. Indicating that he is a bit of a ladies man, especially as Lumiere states that he had a woman on each arm.

Below is the first picture I drew…



4 thoughts on “L is for…”

  1. i recall seeing another drawing before by you and love both these you have today.. Just finished watching Disney’s latest – Moana – this past week over the kids spring break..
    you inspire me to try to spend more time drawing..

    Liked by 1 person

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