#AtoZChallenge, 2017, Disney

J is for…


Jock 2

Jock is a cute little Scottish Terrier who features in the “doggy” tale that is Lady and The Tramp.

Lady and The tramp was the first Disney movie we owned on VHS. My great, auntie brought it for my brother and me for Easter. We didn’t have many VHS tapes so we watched it over and over again.  I loved Jock from the very first viewing, Jock and ole’ Trusty.

Jock is the smallest of the dogs in Lady’s friendship circle but he can also be the most aggressive. Despite his size he is fearlessly protective of those who he considers to be friends and treats them like his family.  Jock likes his bones and we are first introduced to the “wee” fellow as he is in the process of burying one.

I hope you like my drawing of Jock. Take Care and I will see you tomorrow for the letter K.



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