#AtoZChallenge, 2017, Disney

I is for…


Igor 2

Okay I have to admit Igor is not one of my favourite characters in The Nightmare Before Christmas. I do however quite like his look which is why I chose him. That and there are not a lot of Disney characters beginning with the letter I. The only other character I could think of was Iago from Aladdin. As I had already drawn Abu I did not want to double up on a movie.

I am quite a big of Tim Burton’s animation and love the way his characters are put together. The appeal with Igor is the fact he has this huge body and small head. There is not really a lot to him other than a lab coat.

Igor is Doctor Frikelstein’s assistant. There is not a lot to say about the poor guy, other than he likes dog biscuits.

Hope you like today’s doodle.

See you tomorrow for … J



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