101 Things in 1001 Days, 2017, Update

101 Update…

In July 2016 I began my 101 Things in 1001 Days <<<Click Here for full list>>>

On Tuesday I will have exactly 2 years or 730 days to complete as many items on my 101 List as possible… argh!! Over the past couple of months I haven’t really given my 101 List a lot of thought.

However, I did complete 2 things in March

52. Sort out my Craft Cupboard 

70. Do something for Charity – Red Nose Day at work 

In Progress

72.Create a 101 List of My Favourite Movies 

One of the items I have started is to create a 101 List of my favourite movies. This is turning out to be harder than I thought because I like a lot more movies than I realised.  I keep adding new things taking things out categorising them. I think I am making this harder than I should. lol! 

I don’t want to bore you with everything that is in progress as we all could be here for a very long time.

Here are the statistics as they stand at this moment in time…

Currently in progress – 23/101

Completed – 6/101

Need to start / complete – 72/101 (That’s a big number)

During April I should have completed another item as I will have taken part in the A to Z April Challenge.

From May on-wards I will try and work a bit harder on my list.

Hope you like my update.

Take care



2 thoughts on “101 Update…”

  1. I haven’t heard of 101 things in 1001 days – that’s a lot of things to do! I have a 30 before 30 list which I am about half way through and have about 16 months left finish everything before my 30th birthday 🙂

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    1. I have done a few 101 Lists, I have never completed everything on one yet. I did a 30 things before 30 too. I was going to do 40 things before 40. I still might. I love lists. I hope you get everything done on yours xx

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