#AtoZChallenge, 2017, Disney

G is for…

Errr.. it’s

G U Sย 




My daughter decided that G needs to be Gus. Her favourite Disney movie is actually the live action Cinderella but she does love Gus.

Cinderella first encounters Gus after he has been caught in one of the traps. Gus is of course naturally wary of Cinderella but Jaq tells him it is okay. Cinderella provides him with a hat and top and calls him Octavius or Gus for short.

Gus can often be found with Jaq who calls him Gus Gus. Gus does not speak a lot. Gus is a greedy little mouse but he has a big heart. Gus and Jaq both get transformed into horses by the Fairy Godmother to pull Cinderella’s coach.

Hope you have all had a good first week on the A – Z Challenge. I also hope you have enjoyed my pictures. Here is a photo of them altogether on my wall.

Week 1

See you on Monday for H…



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