#AtoZChallenge, 2017, Disney

B is for…


From Finding Nemo


Bruce is a Great White Shark who first appears into our lives in Finding Nemo. Bruce is the head of the Fish-Friendly Shark Support Group.

“Fish are friends not food.” – Bruce

In general I am not a shark fan. My brother used to make me watch Jaws when I was younger and I think it damaged me. I can now never go into the water.

I did this picture quite quickly so I am not overly happy with it. It is watercolour on a grey card background. I may go over this at some point in the future, if I do I will show.

See you tomorrow for C…


8 thoughts on “B is for…”

  1. Hey Lulu, thanks for dropping by to read my blog! I have you bookmarked as a favorite already (my life’s been taking me for a spin – had to go buy a cooktop today and couldn’t get back to read in time!) – I am a Disney girl myself. I wish you all the luck in the world for the Disney trip to Florida! I plan on going soon … waiting for my 2 yr old niece to grow slightly more bigger to make sense of things so we can enjoy ’em together.
    The Abbie — #AtoZChallenge, Crazy Lifestyle Blogger, Potterhead, Middle-earthling, Coffee/Chai Lover, Poetess, & Home Chef, B for β€˜Be The Blade’

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