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Dear Billy Sometimes…

K O N G   :  

 S K U L L   I S L A N D 

Kong Poster

Cast: Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L Jackson, Brie Larson, John Goodman

Rating : 3/5

My Review : 

I love a good old fashioned monster movie. My favourites of course are any that the Monster Maker Ray Harryhausen worked on. I love the combination of the stop-frame animation and live action in the early movies. I also love seeing how this has evolved over the years into the CGI/Special Effects we now have. While Harryhausen never got to see his vision of Kong come alive, Kong: Skull Island is reminiscent of many of the old monster movies including The Mysterious Island. While I love a bit reminiscing in movies, easter eggs and so forth, originality was severely lacking in this movie.

Kong 5

Unlike previous Kong movies which are usually set in the 1920’s/30’s era, this one is set at the conclusion of the Vietnam War. This did give the movie a different feel and an interesting perspective. In typical movie storytelling style though it is not the beast we should all be scared of but those who claim to be our protectors but who follow their own selfish motives for their own reward.

kong 3

The storytelling is long, drawn out providing an uneven pace to the movie. There are a few scenes that I feel were only included to show off the mastery of the CGI artists and had no relevance to the overall story. Kong is not the only thing on this Island to be oversized. Due to this the develop of the story and subsequently the characters is found wanting, leading to uneven performances from most of the lead actors. Tip: Don’t get too attached to a lot of the cast only a few actually make their way off the Island.

Kong 2.jpg

Visually the shots of the Storm and the Island scenes are amazing. The Island location is stunning and the settings, props and costumes are all well thought out. I specifically enjoyed the shots around the tribal village and the detail that went into this. This includes the photo’s which Brie Larson’s character takes of the tribes people, these scenes were cute.

Kong monarch
There is a Monarch Website for Kong: Skull Island 

<<<Click here for the Monarch Website>>>

If you do go and see this movie, make sure you stay to the end of the credits as there is an end scene. This scene though not very exciting expands on the secret scientific organisation known as MONARCH (first introduced in Godzilla: Awakening) and their theories in respect of the various monster related myths, stories and fables told world wide. Setting us up of course for the next movie.

Worth watching just don’t expect greatness.


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